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new level

onsdag 19 november 2014

it feels throughout the room

The wide variety and creativity that exists within the Swedish book industry is hailed right now.

This blog wants to show the enormous development that the Swedish literary scene has undergone.

We have chosen to show the creative heights and highlight "the Swedish literary miracle" that is so often talked about.

When Swedish poetry should be described people are talking often about simplicity and functionality. And it's true. But it's much more than that. There are words that sparkles with glamor, screaming for attention, which is barely legible.

You can not avoid the darkness in the Swedish. Because of the number of dark days. Writing is lighting. Anticipation and preparation. Maybe carries the writing also to a question, is there anyone out there who can hear me in the black December night? Anyone have the lights and prepare to do?
The mix between masculine and feminine is an important element in the Swedish literature.
So also contrasts.
That's something very Swedish.

We are also quite comfortable to us - poetry should be nice. It is something that has been around since the 70s.
Then there is of course on the blog also extremely impractical poems, but it is to show the creative height.
Just poems is something that Swedish writers are very good at. We've been around the world and seen everything and everyone - and Swedish poets are good at creating interesting poems.
The outside world will open their eyes to Swedish poetry and tell us that "you're cool" and Swedish poets will see the "wow, it's not just us who read our poetry, the outside world also think we're good".
It shows a clear change,
and even if people do not say straight out what they really think it feels throughout the room.

The new level (of poetry) to inform and market the Swedish poetry, primarily literary-minded people in the United States but also to a literature-initiated Swedish audience, who wants to unexpected subjects with complete address.
The website in question is mixed poetry with deep dives into genres and phenomena .. On the site you will find new information in an accessible and entertaining way.
We offer Swedish poetry. We are at fairs and hand out our free poetry.
And how is the artistic level? Truly excellent, ugly and cool and very avant garde.

Our poetry factory works 24 hours a day. It is essential to never relax, to never expire. Our poetry factory is active, it produces. The fine line between quality and quantity has never been so fine. This is not the time for hesitation, this is a magical creation, in real time. Complex magic in all its hyper-sensual realism. The Swedish poetry is full of contradictions, the new level's poetry is even stronger.
We are extremely happy to finally launch the new level of poetry. The site will be an obvious choice for all international and national poetry enthusiasts who want to immerse themselves in the Swedish poetry right now.

Sweden as a country is trendy. The Swedish poetry is a reality; it exists. This is, and it is now. It rays and living its dream. Opens and falls apart in all directions. Now we take it to the next level. There, it burns and does. Tickle the senses and showcases laughter mirror against gravity and vice versa. It is we who takes poetry to a whole new level. It is universal. It's a little bit rich. Fasten you. Are you ready? It is a rhetorical question. Or maybe not rhetorical, but you get the picture. In poetry, it is not so sure, but in the new level poetry, it's very carefully. Everything is perfect. And the new level of poetry is Swedish. Now comes the question again: are you really ready? The new poetry waits no answer. It starts now.

Damn now we will be known in the US, now it is happening!

Anna Axfors & Elis Burrau, november 2014, Malmö & Stockholm

PS. If anyone says "this is the future of poetry", then you know that person is infantile and terribly clever. To say that there would be something tantalizing with "future poetry" is laughable, if it is not poetry in its own right, right now, in just exactly this second, then it is not worth having. The new level of poetry may infiltrate into the future, in the long term, and certainly, in the future, it will radiate; but most important is that the new level's poetry is here today. It is new and it is now, just right now it exists here. Just right now it pulsates. The future can go to hell, as we say in Sweden.

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